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For families valuing screen-free time, by providing an engaging and noise-free alternative, AstroDraw and AstroCard have contributed to more quality family moments

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What our customers say

This LCD writing tablet is a hit with my toddler! The space-themed design sparks her imagination, and she loves doodling on it during road trips. It's incredibly easy to use, and the erase button is a big hit with her. Plus, it's so lightweight and portable, making it perfect for travel. Highly recommended!

Olivia Anderson

I bought this learning toy for my 2-year-old nephew, and he's obsessed with it! The erase button is his favorite feature, and he finds it fascinating that his scribbles disappear. It's a great way for him to practice writing and drawing as he grows. I'm impressed by its durability and think it's a fantastic concept!

Benjamin Parker

These LCD writing tablets have become a hit in our household since we got them. Even I find myself using them as much as the kids! They work flawlessly, and the entire family enjoys drawing and doodling on them. It's a fantastic investment, and I highly recommend them. We bought three, and they're all perfect!

Ava Williams

I purchased this LCD writing tablet for my daughter's birthday, and she adores it. She quickly figured out how to use it and spent a long time drawing and writing on it. Its lightweight design makes it ideal for travel, and I love that it reduces paper waste. It's a must-have for any creative child!

Ethan Smith


Troubleshooting & FAQ

My writing tablet can't erase, how to fix?

(1)Please check the lock key if it is locked. (2)Please replace battery. (3)After replacing the batteries and screen is still not clearing Let us help you out!

My writing tablet arrives with writing marks on screen, is it used?

Please rest assured all items are brand new ones. Due to shaking in 
transit, marks will be lelt on the sensitive screen You can turn off the 
lock key and press the erase button to delete the marks .

Can I use this in the dark?

Sorry, it cann't be used in the dark, since it can not glow.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes, we ship all over the world